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Coach Morrison on the 2017 Season

posted Mar 20, 2017, 12:34 PM by Friends of CC Girls Lacrosse   [ updated Mar 22, 2017, 2:04 AM ]

CCHS Girls Lacrosse Players,  

Welcome to the 2017 girls high school lacrosse season. The signup/information meeting is the conclusion of the lacrosse offseason, and begins the preseason. Congratulations to those of you who just concluded a tremendous fall sports campaign. Cross Country, Volleyball, Field Hockey, and Soccer all did well in the postseason. Your coaches also want to recognize our student athletes who made honor roll during the first term. We wish the best of luck to those of you who will be starting a winter sport next week, and wish you all continued success in the classroom during the second academic term.

Concord Carlisle Patriots
2017 Girls Lacrosse
“Earned Not Given”

2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 DCL Small Champs
2015 DCL Large Champions
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 MIAA Tournament Participants
2009, 2011 MIAA Division 1 North Section Semifinalist
2014 MIAA Division 1 East Section Finalist
2015 MIAA Division 1 East Section Champions/Division 1 Final Four Participant

Program Philosophy: Our players and coaches know that to be successful at high school lacrosse it demands athletic ability and a strong desire to compete at the highest level. All CCHS lacrosse players will receive an equal chance to earn a spot within the program. The most successful CCHS players display raw athletic ability with a constant effort to improve their lacrosse abilities. Coaches will work to improve all players at all levels. A continued commitment to excellence by coaches and players alike will motivate us to improve daily, and make our program strong enough to compete with the best teams in the state every year.

In the past five years this philosophy has been the foundation for our program to produce three High School All Americans, twenty-one High School Academic All Americans, five DCL Division Championships, five MIAA Tournament appearances, and one MIAA Sectional Championship. 

- Immediately foster a family atmosphere. Teammates must have one another’s back.
- Always be the team that respects our competition and officials.
- Always be the best conditioned team on the field in every game. We cannot be outworked or outrun!
- Always bring game focus, attitude and speed from the outset to duration of every practice.
- To win the DCL Large championship.
- To go undefeated against all DCL Teams, Large or Small.
- To be the number one seed in the MIAA East Playoffs.
- To win the MIAA D1 East Sectional Final and advance to the State Final Four.
Every goal listed is achievable if we come to each and every practice and game with a “team first” attitude.


Tryouts will start on Monday March 20, 2017. Every Student athlete will receive at least a three-day tryout period. While we would like to keep all players, roster sizes are limited. Varsity candidates must be complete players. Characteristics of the complete player include being athletic, tough, ambidextrous, coachable, eager to learn, fearless, conditioned, humble, vocal, confident, responsive to criticism, and having the ability to play both offense and defense.

There will be two timed distance runs during varsity tryouts. A one mile run with a target time of under 8.5 minutes, a two mile run with a target time of under 17 minutes. In addition there will be multiple 100-yard sprints. Players selected to the varsity roster will be expected to run a lot! In any given practice we will run multiple sprints and/or distance runs over three miles.

Projected final cut date is March 25, 2016. If an extenuating circumstance arises and a player is not able to tryout during the allotted time, a coach reserves the right to extend a tryout to the player.



CCHS lacrosse players must show the utmost effort to improve and to make strides to be good teammates and good citizens of the CCHS community. We expect you to attend every practice, game, and team meeting. Always be on time. We expect you to improve as individuals every day, while at the same time working hard to make your teammates better. You are students first, so you must remain in good academic standing at CCHS. Your coaches expect you will graduate as the best lacrosse player and best person you can be.
Every Patriot Lacrosse player must attend every game, practice, team meeting, film session, and strength & conditioning session as scheduled (unless listed as optional). Every player must be in school on time everyday. A player must never miss school, arrive tardy to school, miss practice or arrive to practice late unless a member of the coaching staff excuses them to do so ahead of time. Varsity players know this is a six-day a week commitment. As a member of the CCHS Girls Lacrosse Program, regardless of what level, you are accepting the responsibility to give your time, effort, and commitment to your respective team as we collectively pursue the goal of becoming a perennial state championship contending program.
Students who choose to participate on the Varsity and JV CCHS lacrosse teams will be expected to attend all games and practices over vacation. Missed games or practices (unless excused by a coach) will result in an equivalent game suspension upon return. The Freshman Team does not have lacrosse scheduled during break.

During April break we will be off for part of the Patriots Day Weekend (April 15-16). Varsity and JV will have games and practices throughout the rest of the vacation week with the exception of an off day on Saturday April 22, 2017.  

All interscholastic athletic participants in Massachusetts must abide by these rules. You will sign a contract agreeing to do so in the spring. If you violate these rules the penalties are harsh. This contract is your word. Do not sign the contract and do not play lacrosse if you have no intention of abiding by these rules!
Students who have transferred into CCHS during this school year should make sure they have filled out a clearance form with AD Barry Haley or you will not be eligible to play.
You must have a current physical on file with the school nurse by the first day of tryouts in order to participate. A current physical is one that is dated within thirteen months of your last physical.

During this preseason you have three and a half months to get in lacrosse playing shape in order to put your best foot forward at tryouts. Use this time to condition your body and improve your stick skills. Seek out lacrosse clinics and conditioning opportunities throughout the winter, sign up for them ASAP as they fill up fast.

FOCCGL will be sponsoring two preseason programs. They will run a skills session at The Edge in Bedford, and sponsor conditioning program for all CCHS spring athletes in the Maroon Practice Gym. The training sessions run from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM, and are followed by an hour of Captains Stick Practice. This training is optional but all lacrosse candidates are strongly encouraged to attend.

Work on conditioning and stick skills at home or with friends. A copy of a wall ball routine is attached to this document. Get used to this wall ball routine, you must do it a lot! Remember if you work at lacrosse starting now you will put yourself in the best opportunity to succeed in March and throughout the season. 

Varsity Head Coach - Paul Morrison                                                                       
Asst. Varsity Head CoachJanice Kinney                                           
JV Head Coach - Amy Carlton
Asst. JV Coach - Carla Manganaro
Freshman Head Coach - Jen Frizzell

Asst. Freshman Coach - Helen Lyons